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February 22, 2019

LEVA Level 1 completed! February brought yet another successfully completed Level 1 training – hosted at  the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  Digital Video Evidence Recovery, Imaging Forensics and Legal training were just a few of the topics provided. Level 1 started the certification journeys  for 41 attendees.  (Yes it does snow on the Vegas Strip!)


January 25 2019

Video Consultants NW LLC visits Hong Kong  Government Forensic Video Lab.

LEVA conducted the first series of classes of 2019.

During January 14-25, students from the Hong Kong Government Lab completed LEVA Levels 3 and 4 courses. LEVA instructors Tracy Peloquin and Ed Baker led Level 3. The Level 4 team was (L to R) Jonathan Hak, Scott Kuntz, Alan Salmon and Scott Sullivan.



January 2019

Contracted Training with the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association International -LEVA

Video Consultants NW LLC enters into another year of contracted training with the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association InternationalLEVA providing professional instruction as a member of LEVA’s core Instruction Team.  Yes, 2019 will be another busy year with LEVA by providing professional training and certifications around the world!


January 22, 2017

Exclusive Partnership Formed

Video Consultants NW LLC is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with West Coast Concrete Lining Systems. Using the power of 3D VR and Immersive Media in the Wastewater Industry, together we are bringing the ability manhole.JPGto safely deploy HDR 3D VR equipment into the dark depths of manholes, lift stations and confined spaces.

Working together, VCNW and WCCLS have designed and developed a system where Professional 3D HDR camera equipment can quickly and safely be deployed into these types of environments without having to send a “person” down into the space. Best of all, the results from the VR Camera deployments can be shared with all of the necessary end-users with a simple hyperlink text in an email.

Utilizing this service means city and county engineers and inspectors can have a complete comprehensive visual understanding of the current conditions of the manhole, lift station
or underground vault.

Using the 3D HDR Immersive media we provide,the “visual” information
can quickly be shared by email, hyperlink text within a request for bid announcements to prospective contractors when repair work
is needed. Any bidder can see the work-site.                          tripodjpg

No more change order requests from
contractors who under bid themselves and
no more exposing employees or inspectors to the hazards of confined spaces!

Government Savings:

The deployment of our services equates to saving in both time and money in three areas related to a government entity:  The inexpensive cost of our services, provides the city or county engineers the ability to see firsthand the current conditions of the location needing the repair without leaving the office. That same visual information can also be shared with prospective contractors bidding on the request for bid / repair contract. Finally, contract language can be included within the bid, as such that the winning bidder is required to provide a “post repair” immersive 3D HDR of the completed work before the completed repair/work is paid for.

This process equates to savings and safety in many areas… the inspector or engineer no longer have to go into the field, put on confined space equipment, climb down an un-ventilated manhole twice (before and after the repair) to inspect the work.  And now, a permanent record in HDR format is retained for any future needs. More importantly there are no more unexpected change orders or fraudulent claim submittals for repairs that didn’t exist or were unexpected by the contractor’s lack of due diligence or onsite visit before submitting the bid.

In the coming weeks VCNW and WCCLS  camwill be hosting informational seminars throughout Washington State about this new innovative approach to documenting
and utilizing Immersive Media Technologies
for manholes and confined spaces.

For more information about our underground 3D HDR Immersive Media Services, Turn Key Solutions or attending an upcoming seminar, contact Video Consultants NW LLC @ 253-517-8990 or West Coast Concrete & Lining Systems @253-606-4964.


February 20, 2016

Facebook  working with Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge developers to push Virtual Reality in mobile phones and social networking.

Sunday’s announcements at the Barcelona show come as worldwide smartphone growth has slowed, particularly for high-end devices such as Samsung’s S and LG’s G series. Many consumers have turned to lower-cost Android devices that sport features considered top of the line just a few years ago.

Read more here;

February 8,2016

As part of the primary instruction team for the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Association (, I was honored to travel halfway around the world and provide Forensic Video Analysis instruction to the Royal Oman Police. Their commitment to Video  Forensics is just a small part of the services they will be providing.

Class Photo
Royal Oman Police Digital Forensic Lab Team

Their new state of the art digital evidence  lab located at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM3) will not only have the latest in software and equipment, it will have a team of analysts dedicated to the sciences and disciplines enabling them to investigate all crimes involving digital evidence.


June 1, 2015

Video Consultants NW offers a revolutionary new alternative to the cost of expensive and time-consuming laser scans for crime scenes and Dollhousephysical space environments. With the breakthrough in 3D imagery made possible by the Matterport™ 3D Pro camera system. Creating  “3D Showcases™”  opens a new avenue for documenting an immersive interactive tour. Create a 3D Showcase™  for examining crime scenes,  buildings diagrams, and other physical spaces.

“With this new technology and our partnership with                                   msp-logo
Matterport™, bringing visual 3D displays into a
courtroom setting adds a whole new level of presenting
evidence to the Trier of fact.”    
               –  Edward Baker
              Owner/Certified Forensic Video Analyst                                                                                                   

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